Hello World!

My name is Ryan Winslow, but I commonly go by the username of WINSLOW-13 online. I am a semi-recent graduate, May of 2016 to be exact, from the Pennsylvania Collage of Technology with a bachelor's degree in gaming and simulation. And while this degree, as the name implies, focused mainly on the design and development of video games, many of the skills learned can be applied to general software development. On top of software development, a much wider variety of IT topics were covered as well, including; networking, databases, operating systems, web design, 3D modeling and animation, and information security.

In early June of 2017, I joined the technical support team at School Gate Guardian, a company which specializes in the development and support of a visitor management software that is used in schools to track visitors and perform background checks when they enter the building as well as many other features that are useful to schools and their staff. Here, the primary task of my job is to provide technical assistance to our clients by installing, maintaining, and supporting their visitor management system by configuring SQL and IIS services, setting up network shares, modifying user permissions, and installing server-side and client-side software This also includes the troubleshooting of problems customers may encounter with the software or the provided hardware in order to come up with a solution to resolve them. While my main role is currently technical support, I also operate as a junior software developer as well and work on developing and maintaining various web-based applications for use by both customers and our support team as well as updating and maintaining the suite of School Gate Guardian software solutions.

In the past, I have mainly worked in retail positions. In September of 2016, I started at Walmart as an Electronics Sales Associate. In this position, I am able to use my knowledge of networking, operating systems, and computer hardware, software, and accessories in order to recommend products, offer up solutions to problems and explain different technologies in a way that is understandable to the average consumer. In addition to showing customers how to use their new devices, I also assist customers with fixing any technical issues that may occur, over the phone and in person, whether it be removing malware from phones, repairing driver incompatibilities, or fixing network issues. I also assist with maintaining and performing minor repairs on the various printers and computers used by the photo lab

Before that, from August 2012 to October 2016, I worked at the specialized video game retailer, GameStop. As a GameStop associate, I used my knowledge and passion for video games and technology to recommend games, hardware, accessories, and other technical solutions that would fit their needs. GameStop also accepted the trade of many products, so I often had to clean and repair game discs, game consoles, phones, tablets, and other accessories, replace and swap hard drives, and properly erase any personal data that customers left on the devices. A lot of our customers also used our store as a first level of technical support, so I frequently performed troubleshooting in person and on the phone to recommended solutions to the problems they were experiencing.

Just like the time spent at work, my time outside of work is usually spent surrounded by technology. If my choice of degree didn’t tip you off, I'm an avid gamer and dedicate a lot of my free time to playing a wide variety of games including: Competitive online shooters like Destiny 2, Rainbow Six Siege, and Call of Duty; Story focused games such as Life Is Strange, Nier: Automata, and Horizon Zero Dawn; And even VR games like Beat Saber, Knockout League and Fantastic Contraption.

While gaming and technology in general are a big part of my life, I’m a strong believer of getting away from the glow of my computer screens to pursue other things. Music is, and has always been, another big part of my life, and I’m often listening to something regardless of what I’m doing. Starting with percussion instruments I’ve learned how to play various instruments throughout the years although I’m not all that in-tune with many of them. I also enjoy dabbling in photography from time to time as well, and enjoy taking long-exposure and night shots and well as photos of nature in general.