Hello World!

My name is Ryan Winslow, and I am a software developer that specializes in Windows application development and full-stack web development. In May of 2016 I graduated from the Pennsylvania Collage of Technology with a bachelor's degree in gaming and simulation. And while this degree, as the name implies, focused mainly on the design and development of video games, many of the skills learned can be applied to general software development. On top of software development, a much wider variety of IT topics were covered as well, including networking, databases, operating systems, web design, 3D modeling and animation, and information security.

In early June of 2017, I joined the technical support team at School Gate Guardian, a company which specializes in the development and support of a visitor management software that is used in schools to track visitors and perform background checks when they enter the building as well as many other features that are useful to schools and their staff. Here, the primary task of my job was to provide technical assistance to our clients by installing, maintaining, and supporting their visitor management system. From there, I moved into a Junior Software Developer position in late 2018 where my tasks include maintaining existing products and developing new features or additions for our main suite of software solutions together with thoroughly testing and patching new releases and creating internal web-based utilities.

In the past, I have mainly worked in retail positions. In September of 2016, I started at Walmart as an Electronics Sales Associate. In this position, I was able to use my knowledge of networking, operating systems, and computer hardware, software, and accessories in order to recommend products, offer up solutions to problems, and assist customers with fixing technical issues or setting up new devices.

Before that, starting in August 2012, I worked for the specialized video game retailer, GameStop. As a GameStop associate, I used my knowledge and passion for video games and technology to recommend games, hardware, accessories, and other technical solutions that would fit the customer’s needs. GameStop also accepted the trade of many products, so I often had to clean and repair game discs, game consoles, phones, tablets, and other accessories, replace and swap hard drives, and properly erase any personal data that customers left on the devices.

Just like the time spent at work, my time outside of work is usually spent surrounded by technology. If my choice of degree didn’t tip you off, I have a passion for video games and dedicate a lot of my free time to either working my own game projects or playing a wide variety of games including Destiny 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Call of Duty, and many more. Outside of that, I like to dedicate my time to reading new books on topics of interest or fictional books of a variety of difference genres.