A recent college graduate with a specialty in information technology and computer sciences. Hard-working and looking to use proven knowledge and skills in software development, databases, networking, and other IT fields. Have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Gaming and Simulation.


Pennsylvania College of Technology, Williamsport, PA

May, 2016

B.S. in Gaming and Simulation - 3.0 GPA

Courses included: Networking, Databases, Software Development, Game Development, Game Design, 3D Modeling, Mobile Game Design and Programming, Web Systems, and Information Security.

Work Experience

School Gate Guardian - State College, PA

November 2018 – Present
Junior Software Developer


  • .NET Web Application Development
    • Maintaining and updating a web-based and database-driven report module used by costumers to view information collected by their visitor management system.
    • Developing and maintaining an internally used web-based application to generate and store packing slips for outgoing product shipments.
    • Developing and maintaining an internally used web-based application to manage customers and create bare-bone databases used for system installations.
  • .NET Windows Software Development
    • Developing and updating a web service used for remote database calls.
    • Updating and maintaining the various School Gate Guardian visitor management software solutions

School Gate Guardian - State College, PA

June 2017 – Present
Technical Support Specialist


  • Technical Support
    • Remotely troubleshooting a variety of issues regarding the visitor management software, accompanying printers, ID scanners, barcode readers and webcams as well as a wide variety of other issues including problems with user permissions, networking and DNS issues, and firewall and antivirus settings.
    • Installing and configuring SQL Express to be utilized by the software.
    • Using SQL create database and manipulate the data that is created and used by the software.
    • Setting up IIS servers to host web reports modules that read and displays information gathered through the software.
    • Installing the server-side backend software and client-side software as well as the drivers and other software needed to make use of the accompanying software.
    • Accurately creating tickets using our CRM to keep track of and monitor issues that arose.
    • Creating detailed documents and resources of installation procedures plus common issues and the solutions that can be used to fix them
    • Constructing, configuring and shipping custom ordered kiosk terminal units.
  • Software Development
    • Thoroughly testing new software releases for any bugs and other issues that may exist and reporting them to the development team.
    • Working with the development team to determine what caused the bugs and what solutions can be used to fix them.
    • Writing, updating, and maintaining a small web-based utility using the .Net Framework, Bootstrap, and C# that was capable of generating packaging slips for orders and storing the order information in a database.
  • Software Training
    • Leading remote training sessions to show the proper procedures of using the software and how to best utilize its features to users that are both new and experienced with the software.
    • Writing and updating user manuals that detail the different aspects and features of the software.
    • Answering questions over the phone and through email regarding the software and how to use specific features.
  • Order Processing and Inventory Management
    • Handling incoming shipments and adding the new product into inventory.
    • Accurately managing and tracking the inventory of products.
    • Processing new product orders and ensuring that the correct products are quickly packaged and shipped.
    • Creating tickets outlining billing information and product quantities and pricing to generate billing invoices.

Walmart - Mill Hall, PA

September 2016 – Present
Electronics Sales Associate


  • Customer Service:
    • Greeting and assisting customers in person or on the phone.
    • Completing transactions quickly yet efficiently.
    • Determining and recommending the ideal devices and equipment to best suit the customer’s needs.
    • Providing technical assistance and basic troubleshooting over the phone and in person.
    • Activating and setting up Android and iOS based smartphones as well as some basic phones.
    • If need, instructing customers on how use their phones and how to use some of the basic functions and features.
    • Answering questions, providing information, and explaining differences regarding specific products or services while using layman’s terms.
    • Operating, maintaining, and cleaning Fujifilm and Epson printers and photo kiosks.
  • Merchandising:
    • Organizing and straightening products on their respective shelves and pegs.
    • Ensuring products are priced correctly and with the right label type.
    • Reorganizing products based on a section planogram.
    • Utilizing sales data to determine the best products to keep on features and stackbases.
    • Installing, configuring, and securing display products such as laptops, phones, and television sets.
  • Store Operations and Maintenance:
    • Dusting and cleaning shelves, counters, fixtures, and displays, including TVs, computers, and tablets.
    • Troubleshooting, repairing, and replacing demo laptops, phones and television displays.
    • Managing, adjusting and reorganizing inventory both on the sales floor and in the backroom.

GameStop - Mill Hall, PA

July 2012 – September 2016
Senior Game Advisor (Sales Associate and Shift Leader)


  • Customer Service:
    • Greeting assisting customers on the sales floor and over the phone.
    • Completing transactions and trade-ins.
    • Testing and formatting all consoles, phones, and other devices brought in for trade.
    • Cleaning and repairing systems and devices so they were in a resalable condition.
    • Communicating sales, promotions, and store membership benefits to the customers.
  • Merchandising:
    • Organizing, alphabetizing, straightening, and restocking products on the floor and in the backroom.
    • Executing weekly price changes and ensuring all products are priced correctly.
  • Store Operations and Maintenance:
    • Achieving stores sales and profit goals.
    • Dusting and cleaning counters, shelves, and fixtures.
    • Counting and balancing register drawers and the store’s safe and making nightly deposits.
    • Managing inventory and shrinking products in or out to fix discrepancies.
    • Shipping and receiving product to/from other stores and warehouses.
  • Staff Supervision:
    • Supervising work of part-time Game Advisors.
    • Planning and delegating tasks to Game Advisors and providing feedback to the store manager regarding Game Advisors performance.
    • Working with Store Leaders in order set realistic and obtainable goals.
    • Working with Game Advisors to help them better achieve their sales goals..

Technical Skills

Languages and Frameworks:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • C#
  • SQL
  • Java
  • Foundation
  • Bash
  • .NET
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • Assembly


  • SQL Express 2008R2/2014
  • IIS
  • MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Project, Visio)
  • Unity 3D
  • Visual Studio
  • Photoshop
  • Eclipse
  • 3DS Max
  • Maya
  • Dreamweaver
  • Samba
  • OpenVPN


  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Windows Server 2008R2/2012/2016
  • Mac OS
  • Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Server)
  • iOS
  • Android

Academic Project Experience

Gaming and Simulation Capstone – Shooting Gallery

  • Designed and developed a first-person shooter, using the Unity 3D 5 game engine, with the goal of training players that are new to the FPS genre.
  • Created C# scripts that controlled gameplay elements including the in-game timer, score and point system, player movement, target movement, gun mechanics, and hit detection.
  • Wrote server-side/back-end scripts using a combination of PHP and SQL which managed and updated the highscore database and allowed for communication between the game client and the database.

Mobile Game Design and Programing Project – SEND/RECIEVE

  • Designed and developed a mobile 2D side scrolling platformer, using the Unity 3D 5 game engine, that was compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • Wrote Javascript and C# scripts to create and control gameplay elements including the character controller, moving/spinning platforms and other obstacles, and menus and other UI elements.
  • Used Photoshop to create game assets including platforms, obstacles, scenery, and menu and UI elements.

Gaming and Simulation Design Principles Project – Apprehension: The Grasp

  • Worked as part of a four-member team to design and develop a first person, survival horror game, using the Unity 3D 4 game engine.
  • Worked as lead programmer, using primarily Javascript and C#, in order to create gameplay elements, such as the character controller, environmental puzzles, flashlight functionality, and basic AI.
  • Designed and modeled the game environment using 3DS Max and added other scenery items to the game environment.