Shooting Gallery

Shooting Gallery is a first-person shooter simulator that I developed as the main part of my capstone project and was my first attempt at creating a game in the FPS genre. With Shooting Gallery, I set out to develop a game the was not only a fun and exciting challenge but one that could also be used to help players that are new to the FPS games. This is achieved by having the player trigger targets to shoot as they navigate through an obstacle course designed to challenge their navigational skills all the while being timed. At the end of the course the player is awarded, or deducted points based on how many good/bad targets are shot, their accuracy, how many bullets they have left, and their overall course time, after which their score is entered in a global leaderboard. This allows players to not only compete against their own times but others across the globe as well and encourages them to perfect their skills.


Game Design Document:
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Final Build: